Sunday, June 29, 2014

Descent into summer camp madness

First day of camp.
After an 11 hour day in which my name was called every other minute, I managed to glue a few desk scraps onto a pre-painted index card.
Done in sixty seconds and I didn't even resort to orange and aqua circles.
Feeling pretty proud of myself.

Day two of camp.  
I didn't think it was possible to be more exhausted than yesterday, yet I came home and stared dumbly at my blank index cards for over a half hour without moving.  I might have drooled a little.
I finally challenged myself to use only things that had arrived in that day's mail.

Those green leaves came from a chocolate bar wrapper.  The entire bar may or may not have been consumed in the making of this collage.
(thanks Gina!)
I lost count of the number of times I moved the "bold and brisk" text back and forth from above the word "people" to below the word "people".  At the time it seemed like the most critical decision in the world, as if people's lives hung in the balance.  I may have been a little bit delirious.  

Day Three of camp
(a.k.a. the "glue random sh*t down" day)
All three backgrounds were pre-painted over a year ago and stuffed in a box of crap that sits on my desk.
Inspiration had been completely pummeled out of me at this point, but that didn't stop me, and what I lacked in quality I made up for in quantity. 

 (This was the same day I superimposed the picture of my family over the Moscow skyline.  I was getting a little punchy.)

Saturday.  Not a camper in sight.
Nothing like a day of rest to bring me back to my usual ICAD sensibilities.

Stay tuned for next week's adventure, in which I consider growing a mustache and changing my name to Harold.


  1. Poor baby......maybe you need more chocolate. But the cards are cool in spite of everything, Harold....

  2. Bless your heart! I hope this week will be better...but on the plus side, I really like all your cards - chocolate induced and otherwise!

  3. Hahaha! Harold? Nah, it would just get shortened to Harry and only go downhill from there.. ;)

  4. Detach, maybe that's what you need a brain detach, or like Pamela says, more chocolate. Fun cards anyway. xox

  5. Holy Mackerel, Harry! If I consumed a dark chocolate bar in one sitting, I would be comatose from sugar overload (as heavenly as it would be getting there). This just proves you ARE super-human, and can handle anything thrown atcha, including thousands of (OK, maybe an over-estimated #,) adorable young human beasts, and the power to make fabulous cards afterwards (LOVE the abstract shapes one especially).

  6. Well Harry, hope there's not too much chocolate stuck in the mo'. Your collages are SO appealing to me. 'The promise you pay for' has me smiling.

  7. eye Kant even be cute with this comment. I was laffing at this so hard my contact fell out and I don't wear contax.
    Listen, you have done really awesome.

    Also, I come to this blog for the orange and aqua circles. So this is my last comment.