Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New hope for people with pink bathrooms

Here's the cover of the altered book I'm using for the collaborative round-robin I'm doing. 
(Avert your eyes, Mom.)

 As for the title,
I've been holding onto this bit of text forever, not wanting to give it away.
I found the perfect use for it on the spine of my book.

There's a message for the members of the group written on the library card inside the pocket.

The book I'm altering is a "Speedwriting" Dictionary from the late 30's.

I realized, as I worked on this, that I could use even more of my favorite bits that I've been hoarding, knowing they will eventually come back to me.
Since the project is a collaborative one, I expect (and hope!) some of these pages will have things added or covered or altered. 

Mine has gone out in the mail and I'm eagerly awaiting the one that will arrive in my mailbox later this week.


  1. Awesome! And I have a pink bathroom! (it came with the house...)

  2. Brilliant. brilliant, brilliant! Such fun, it'll be wonderful to see how this book develops :)

    I used to have a pink coloured bathroom, I'm now beginning to think we should have kept it!

  3. Really funny. Love that Homer Simpson stamp head and the fish poking out of the pages. Pink bathrooms, ewww. xox

  4. Very cool. This is for a previously established RR swap, yes? I have a fond memory of pink bathrooms, and a pink kitchen, and others I have seen from the 40s and 50s!

  5. Sorry to have been a bad commenter, even if I have managed to visit and be cheered by your amazing mind. There is certainly no lessening of your humour and versatility, and your fantastic output.
    Every one of these has made me laugh, for which I am grateful just now with dreaded back problems.
    What a great piece of text for the spine of the book. What a pity that it didn't continue with "and gold taps". We did have a lovely pale peachy pink bathroom in our last-but-one homes - and WE chose it and loved it. No gold taps though.
    That first collage just makes me shudder, and yet laugh at the same time. I've just had to go back to look at it. Keep well, love, Jez

  6. Wow! Completely gorgeous! Keep us posted when this book comes back to you.

  7. You have such a great sense of humor! I love this book and want to see more.

  8. Wonderful. Hilarious! I remember pink mother had a set of dishes in the pattern called "Tickled Pink". They were soooo cool. :-)

  9. What fun!! Absolutely love the cover, not to mention the spine and the back - the perfect way to use some "too good to use" material!

  10. sweet (:
    the homer simpson postage stamp page cracks me up

  11. This is sheer fabbo. Wow. Lucky participants.

    I'd probably actually take stuff off here before sending back out.

  12. How fun! I don't think anyone is going to want to change most of those pages you've created! But it will be such a great project to get back, all packed with creative genius.