Sunday, June 15, 2014

ICAD to go

I'm hanging out in Virginia with my beloved family this weekend - staying up late at my sister's house and rolling back to our hotel room intending to crash, and then remembering I haven't done an index card.

I had only planned to pack my scissors and glue stick and a sharpie, figuring I could raid my sister's recycling bin for collage fodder.  Thankfully at the last minute I grabbed two large handfuls of bits from my scrap basket, otherwise you'd be getting index cards using nothing but the hotel room yellow-pages.


6-14-14 #1

6-14-14 #2
(even when I think I'm so tired that I think I can't hold my head up one second longer, if you sit me down with a glue stick and a bag of scraps it's hard for me to stop!)

Here's my artistic travel kit:

and here's Thursday's index card, made at about 10:00PM, while I was packing for this trip, and realizing I had to be up in six hours to hit the road and I still had so much to do:


Once again, the ICAD challenge proves to me that I CAN be creative every single day and that it really doesn't take much in the way of time or materials.


  1. You are amazing! But then I already knew that! :D

  2. Super ICADs! To be able to produce these when your head is wanting to be aiming for the pillow shows just how creative you are.


  3. Excellent restraint on the ICaD travel kit! :D I still wanna see some shredded hotel Yellow Pages :D

  4. I especially love the stamphead one!

  5. Nice Job! I always depend on the hotel lobby brochures and magazines when I'm traveling.

  6. ^ I agree - a yellow pages icad, please. Or maybe that should be an MMSA challenge? Directory pages, whatever the color! That would drive people a bit nuts.

  7. Love your art and your ability to do with what you've got! Depending on where you went in VA, I might have been able to help you out with a few scraps of paper.

  8. Love them. The one with the stamp in particular!

  9. Where did you get the Margot Fonteyn stamp!!? I love this card!

    1. I can't remember who sent it, but I pulled it off an envelope and saved it in my stamp stash.