Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ICAD catch up

This year's index cards are really a mixed bag.  I don't have a particular theme or vision.  I am more often then not staring at the card with zero inspiration.  Some of my cards I really love, but others I feel like I'm phoning it in.
Regardless, I've managed to make at least one a day, which is really the point of the challenge, isn't it?

I was home from my travels and happy to play with some new paint I bought in Virginia.  This one made me happy.

Having a "Parks and Recreation" marathon with Ric.  Dragged out my inktense pencils which I haven't used in ages.  Not sure I love where this card ended up, but I sure do love those pencils when used with a water brush.

This one was also done in front of the TV.  We've had a pair of Carolina wrens in the tree in front of the house.  I never see wrens out front, I only see them in back at the feeder.  I noticed them because one morning I let Jake outside and immediately heard a terrible racket.  Upon investigation it was the two wrens loudly chastising him from the tree.  I watched this same thing happen every time I let him out over several days.  It seems they were trying to build a nest in my windowbox, but between the feline presence, and my need to water the flowers, the wrens have given up and found a less treacherous place to nest.

I came really really close to not making an index card this day.  I'd fallen sound asleep on the couch watching a movie (living it up on a Friday night!) and was stumbling up to bed around midnight when I realized I hadn't done my card.
My pillows beckoned, but my desire to stick with this challenge was stronger.
I grabbed my scrap basket and found a bunch of circles cut from my marbled paper.  Since I obsessively file my painted papers by color in a file cabinet, it wasn't hard to find complementary strips to use as the background.  A little charcoal pencil and I called it a night. 

Fun with security envelopes - and I guess a reminder to myself that I really don't have to make a card if I don't want to.  The world won't end.  No one will be angry.  Just acknowledging this is often enough to keep me going.  I don't have to do this, but I want to.

With no inspiration in sight, I turned to the "summer of color."  I haven't been playing along this year, but popped in to see the color combo of the week - salmon, dark teal and a splash of white.
Done and done.
(thanks to those color-filed papers once again!)

Remnants of Virginia.
Transparent purple and red paints bought on vacation.
More purple raffia from my mom's bouquet.
Red circles of holographic wrapping paper, discarded by my niece.

Gifted papers, a chocolate bar wrapper, some scraps.

My summer camp program starts tomorrow, and I enter an intense period of crazy-busy-happy-exhausted-I'm changing my name so no one calls me again, but omg I love camp.


  1. These are great...and I'd love it if you'd write about your paper filing system(s).

  2. I'm a cheap date -- I like 'em all! Especially that first one.

  3. They all look great, and I love the variety.

  4. I especially love the first one here. Did you receive mail from me??

  5. I admire your persistence and your creativity!

  6. so fun, the one you made on the way to bed is fab! I was going to jump into ICAD last week but now my calendar has filled up and won't be home much. Next year for sure!

  7. Absolutely Fantastic Darling! Love all the colors,and wish I could feel all the textures in person. Recognize that chocolate wrapper I think :D Looking forward to hearing the silliness of camp kids…. :D

  8. Sweet security envelope piece, really like that.....xox

  9. Love the charcoal pencil on your almost-didn't-do-one card. Do write more about your paper filing system! Please!

  10. Isn't it amazing how you can make some thing out of no thing?! Good stuff as always!