Friday, June 27, 2014


A family picture taken against a very institutional looking background led me to post a series of pictures on facebook of us standing in front of more interesting scenery.

Which led to tonight's index card.

My stomach hurts from cracking myself up.


  1. Now I know what collages I need to do this morning! You're a nut! XO

  2. Very fun! Don't you love it when what you are working on makes you laugh? I know I do.

  3. God, what a great idea! Cool card!
    I can put the late 1800s image of my grandpa in front of all sorts of silly stuff. The wheels are turning...


    WHY am I not following you or wherever you're following on facebook?!

    Maybe I am. I am there so seldom that I can't remember who I follow. I do know, pretty sure, that I have an alias there. So if I can ever find whatever you're pretending to be there, and I truly am not following you (rather than pretending not to follow you) I will send you a message so you know that some messages are from me, even if they are odd. My propriety slips from time to time.

    Stop leaving comments, you're thinking. Oh, you dreamer!