Monday, October 3, 2011

feeling sketchy

I'm really working on improving my drawing skills, so this week's index cards have been heavy on the sketches.

funny that one of last week's prompts was dragonfly and I poo-pooed it.  But then Max brought this perfectly preserved, albeit dead, dragonfly into my studio and I HAD to sketch it.

Colored pencils in a cup I made in a past life when I didn't have a kid and lived near an amazing pottery studio.

Have you ever seen "My neighbor Totoro?".  Love it.  Found this tiny, orange, weeble-style Totoro at a comic book store for two bucks and had to bring it home to my work desk.  This drawing makes him look like a bunny, but he's not.  Is he a cat?  I don't know.  He's Totoro.

One of my swap-bot partners sweetly and thoughtfully read my profile and learned that I LOVE gum, and I love food packaging from other countries.  In addition to sending me her awesome hand made zine (the intent of the swap) she sent me all these other little goodies including this cool box of gum. (damn, I love gum!)

Someone in the household has been scratching the furniture quite a bit.  I'm not going to mention any names, but I will say that he is a very bad cat and should not at any time be confused with his sister who is a very GOOD cat.


  1. Your sketches are looking great. I think the gum one is my favorite for some reason. My husband brought home some crazy pepper tasting gum from Japan once called Black Jack. I wish I could chew gum, actually I can and do sometimes, but I pay for it. I have TMJ and it sucks. My favorite used to be grape Bubble Yum. So chew that gum girl!

  2. Dragonflies are all about tranformation. Guess that is what's going on here. Looking good! xox Corrine

  3. The sketches are so much fun! I love how you encorporate words into your work. Sweet. I have a full day in the studio today. Thanks for the jump start on inspiration! :)

  4. what great sketches, I love the look of draonflies and you have captured that one spot on

  5. Love the dragonfly and pencils and the water bottle makes me laugh. I have been there.

  6. Love your sketches. Spray bottle is funny. Sorry I called Totoro a bunny! I am enlightened now, and I WANT Totoro, both the toy and the film.

    I discovered another cool tiny toy last week-end...Have you heard of kidrobot?