Sunday, October 16, 2011

Question 7

Blogtoberfest is halfway over so let's get back to the serious business of my interview with Amy

7.  have you ever had plastic surgery?
I'm fortunate that I've never needed plastic surgery for any kind of medical/reconstructive/injury type of reason.  The dog-bite-to-the-jaw I sustained at age 13 didn't leave any lasting scars (except on my mother). 

As for elective surgery?
and for the record: no tattoos and only one hole per ear.  Guess I'm just not a body-altering kind of girl.


  1. I'm enjoying your questions each day. This journal spread is great. I agree with you about the body-altering stuff. Just not my thing although I do have two holes on one ear and one on the other. That's the limit to my altering.

  2. Not into tattoos either. My sis has a tiny piercing in her nose that I think is nice....but she has a seriously adorable turn up little pixie nose!! lol I'd get a lid lift if I need one. My mother, when she was still with us, had saggy lids and they drove ME crazy!!! lol :) Happy Sunday!

  3. These journal entries are great - I'm going to be sad when it's over :(

    I loved seeing all of your poppies covering the door too!

    Oh, and I have another solution for your cool blue background...

    Put a bird on it! Hahahahahaha! Love it!