Friday, October 21, 2011

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday again, and I'm still therapeutically working to overcome my fear of canvas. Even though these are cheap-o canvas boards and I will gladly cover my mistakes with gesso again and again and again, I freeze when I approach canvas. So I continue to troll for ideas and inspiration in my own stuidio. I decided to try and recreate one of my favorite index cards from the Index-card-a-day project over the summer. Here's the index card:
I love it, but it's only a flimsy 3"x5" piece of paper and it wouldn't make great wall art.
Here are the many steps I took in my attempt to recreate it on 8"x10" canvas board:
First, I smeared on modeling paste with a palette knife and made some circle indentations
gesso and two shades of aqua
black acrylic
white acrylic
light aqua 
dark aqua over the whole thing
wipe off some of the dark aqua
spritz of black spray ink
a few more smears of light aqua
glue down circles of painted newspaper

color around the circles with black and white paint pens, drip on some white and silver acrylic ink

Add a few small circles with black and white gel pens.  flick some black ink withe a toothbrush, drip some black ink straight from the dropper.
It was interesting trying to recreate my own work.  It made me realize just how much of my art is accidental.  I didn't create that index card with a particular vision, it just "happened" and I liked it.  Obviously I started this canvas with clear intent, but I don't like it anywhere near as much as the happy accident.  Copying is never as good as creating.

Meanwhile, I'm so excited to see that my turquoise circle paper is still being used!  Go check out what Carlarey did for paint party Friday.  And the lovely Lee used it for a postcard and blogged about it here. And our PPF host Kristen (who already used it for an awesome painting weeks ago)  put a bird on it just to be cheeky:
This joke never gets old!
The paper is still available for downloading and printing if you'd like to use it.  (See the upper right hand corner of the blog).  Let me know if you've done something with it so I can add your name to the list of links!


  1. omg....the put a bird on it video is hysterical! You are one funny gal! I don't get the canvas fright!!?? It's just canvas! The painting that I posted today?? It is on a 5 foot by 3 foot canvas. Guess what? There are two painting UNDERNEATH it!!! Yep! There is a full figure painting of a woman. I hated it, so I stashed the canvas away for a few months. Came back and covered it with the current painting!! Canvas is so forgivable. are one who celebrates the accident. Go for it! Be fearless!!

  2. I love the recreated work,, its a hard thing to do ,, recreate our own work sometimes and it could very well be the reason you said,, accidents, happy ones,

  3. Love your very creative work ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  4. Just put some color on it don't think too much about it. :) You'll get used to canvas fast seeing how great you did with this one. :)

  5. You have made a great re-creation. But perhaps jut try to work without thinking, like on the paper! Valerie

  6. Love seeing the process to completion! The colors are beautiful!

  7. Amazing! The first few photos I was really doubtful. But when you added the black circles around the "bubbles" it really came to life. The addition of the white gel pen was ingenious. I agree that most times when I try to copy one of my paintings, the second one doesn't please me as much as the original. Faye

  8. Your color choices are so beautiful. I STILL have the print out of your gorgeous work (turquoise circle paper) awaiting me to incoporate it into one of my pieces! Wishing you a great PPF!

  9. Great tutorial!
    Love the layers.

    The bird silhouette is most excellent!
    Go Cardinals!!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. Awesome work, it's fun to get inspired by one's own pieces and trying them in a different setting or technique. ^-^
    Love the colors and the smears and blotches of paint here and there!

    // -T.W-

  11. Thank you for showing all the stages, Happy PPF, Annette x

  12. Great colour choices! Looking very good.

  13. Both the index card and the canvas version are really fun. I like them both. Thanks for sharing your process with us. It's always good to see how someone else creates.

  14. Wonderful colors and textures! I took a shortcut over here after seeing what Carlarey did with your paper and downloaded it to have some fun. Happy PPF!

  15. I think it's a pretty faithful version of your index card, but the difference I see is it seems less free. But that's probably because you showed the inspiration card to compare them - without anything to compare to, the canvas version is great! I love playing with circles too.

    Thanks for sharing your process, all the evolutions of your piece. I still find myself timid to put paint down because, well, what if I don't like it. I love that you're okay with painting over it til you get it right. I really need to work on that! :)

  16. There is something very therapeutic about painting over canvases that you don't like... wish we could do that in the real world sometimes... I love the canvas you have done and enjoyed seeing its evolution. happy ppf

  17. I like the original better as well, but this looks good too. It is fun to see the progression, and I love the blue and black. I am loving what everyone is doing with your original! I love the background you made!

  18. I enjoyed the process to the completion. It's amazing all you've put into it. Lots of work and great piece. Happy PPF.

  19. i can Never recreate my own stuff. I guess so much is just intuitive or happy accidents - my best stuff seems to be my scrawls and scribbles on napkins and envelopes. Then i think, 'ooohhh now. that will look fabby on canvas'
    and i spend ages fucking up a canvas board.

    maybe you and i are twins separated at birth?

  20. Ha! I thought for sure you'd be over your fear of canvas since you can always just "put a bird on it"! (You're right - it never gets old!)

    I love, love, love your $64,000 question art too... I am feeling a bit of loss now that you've completed your interview questions.

    Keep working big... you can always paint over it :)


  21. I love seeing work as it unfolds!!!! what a great post!!! Happy PPF and thank you for sharing this with us!!!!

  22. I felt the same way about canvas at first, it was just so "official". I started my artsy path as a watercolorist....
    Now, I don't work on paper anymore....canvas holds up so much better than paper media...and I can always slap paper on on it if I want :)

    Recreating art is like asking the Muse to repeat herself....I've heard she's not the most accomodating of guides :P

    I love all your layers, though....the ink splatters are my favorite!

  23. It come out great!!!... and I bet that you had tons of fun after all. Thank you for sharing, and have a great day!

  24. I think it's great, and I think you improved on the index card.

    I'd say 99% of my successful art is accidental.

  25. I love both the index card and the canvas, it had to be fun spraying and dropping and flicking paint. I also love the post from today, that Jake is a charmer.

  26. My favorite art is accidental, I love the colors here.

  27. Love to see the progression!!! Very cool!!! I know what you mean about a blank canvas. It scares me everytime. You just got to dive in. Its that first stroke!! Yikes!!!