Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We interrupt the interview-in-progress to pay homage to our dear departed Fuzzball

Fuzzball was the 7th rodent to reside in the Southeast Bedroom.  Yesterday it became abundantly clear that he'd had his last spin on the wheel and after a late-night cage-side vigil with our ailing friend, and restless few hours in bed, Max and I decided to take a sick day today.  We had a proper back-yard burial, and a trip to the pet store to adopt rodent #8.  (Welcome Juneau).

Perhaps it's the hallucinatory nature of sleep deprivation, or maybe it's just the inspiration of The Butterfly Effect, but I had a vision of the winged- Fuzzball rising to gerbil heaven in a storm of sunflower seeds.  Okay, I also had visions of him in a superhero cape, and with a leather pilot's helmet a la Rocket J. Squirrel.  (I got a little punchy this afternoon).  The broken-hearted 10-year-old felt a gold halo was in order.  I feel it's a wee bit much, but then I'm like that.  And he is the bereaved after all.

Tune in tomorrow for my tribute to breakfast...


  1. Aww poor Fuzzball, but that really is cute.

  2. Wow...rodent #8...nice Mom you are ;P

    I hope your boy is feeling girl lost 2 goldfish and still get emotional, then again, she's only 5...but, loss is loss, just the same....

    R.I.P. Fuzzball
    Love the sunflower seeds in the background, though...brilliant :)

  3. That's a great tribute to Fuzzball. :) Gold halo makes everything perfect. :)

  4. Poor Fuzzball. I would have had a lovely ceremony too. Hope Max is doing okay with it, never easy. xox Corrine

  5. your comment on B.E. made me laugh out loud.

    god you are funny.
    in the good way.

  6. Sorry to hear about Fuzzball...but your tribute painting is fantastic!