Thursday, October 27, 2011

I got this really great postcard from Lee this week.  She used my background!  She already blogged about one card she made with this background here and then she sent me this one as a surprise.  I think I have to finally accept the message on the card since it's snowing here in Massachusetts tonight.

I've been fantastically grouchy this week.  Disliking my job, tired at night, overwhelmed.
Here are all the things I'd like to be doing right now or feel like I should be doing:
1.  painting more poppies for the Poppy Spree!  (seriously, go see Margot - this is fun)

2.  catching up on Jane Davenport's "Supplies Me" class by practicing more faces

3.  finishing the exercises in Carla Sonheim's "The Art of Silly" class even though it ended last week

4.  Watching the video of Amy's free class that she taught on Wednesday while I was at work.  She's teaching another Saturday and I probably won't be home for that one either.  But if you like art, and you like classes and you like FREE, you should totally go check out Amy's site because she's really cool and talented.  I watched about 5 minutes of the video so far and already got a great tip that I used to get started on a new painting.  I really want to check out the rest of what she's so generously offering.  go to her website and check out the links on the side bar.
5.  Answering Pamela's mail art call (document what's in your traveling mail art kit)
6.  Working on my day of the dead ATC's for swap-bot.  Due Monday, haven't started, have to send 6.
7.  drawing in my new sketchbook for my commie-traveling-sketchbook group
8.  working on a surreal painting for the butterfly effect. 
9.  Working on Crusade 56 for Michelle Ward's Street Team 
10.  Filling in the last week and a half on my calendar
and really those are just the things I told myself I'd do.  The list doesn't even cover the the classes I want to take, techniques I want to try, ideas I haven't pinned down. Okay, so maybe I take on too much.  I realized I'm starting to feel panicky.   I need to remind myself that no one's life hangs in the balance if I don't squeeze this all in before morning.   Art is supposed to be my outlet, not my obligation.  (Can you see that I'm not very good at RELAXING????)

I'm really truly going to try and chill out.  In the meantime, I'm finishing up something for tomorrow's paint party, and I drew this silly sketch:
Don't leave home without: gum, hair-clip, lipstick, sharpie pen and your rubber monkey wearing a fez.


  1. blogtoberfest.
    it's making us crazy.

    i am feeling crazy too.

    having nightmares.

    this doesn't seem like a sane thing for me to share on your page. but you know what i mean.

    i'm serious. i think it's the constant blogging.

    yet. why am i beginning to like it?

  2. .....and you have the time for Swap-bot?! I haven't been there in a year....and still feel too busy...

    I'm going to miss your daily posts, though!

  3. Great work, sounds like you have been really busy, not just grouchy! Valerie

  4. WOW I love your calendar journal! I had taken Carla's Silly class last year and loved it although I was really bad about posting my photos promptly.

    And without even clicking on that link above, I noticed that was Lee's work! I am a big Lee fan... how cool you got mail art from her...

    Thanks for piping up on my site, I am so grateful to the Crusades and all the cool people it's connected me to.

    Best wishes for all your happy creations,