Saturday, October 29, 2011

mutant face painting

So I sat in on Amy's totally awesome FREE live video workshop today.  I was supposed to be attending a family anniversary party in another state, but a freakishly early snowstorm hit the region and cancelled our plans.  DARN - have to stay home and do art all day!

So Amy's workshop was about painted collage faces and I painted along in real time while she made hers.  It was totally fun and I made this freaky face.  please keep in mind that the bizarre quality of my painting is  in no way a reflection on Amy's talent or teaching ability :)

I seriously wanted to rework this 10 times before posting, but I'm afraid this storm is going to knock out our power or cable and I'm SO close to finishing blogtoberfest and don't want to miss a day.
If I don't post tomorrow it's because I'm in traction from shoveling 16 inches of wet heavy snow and hauling away all the broken tree limbs.

The recording of Amy's class is up on her website for those who missed it.  
go check it out.


  1. :)))))
    i am so tired (and intoxicated!) that i will not be able to make sense. Yet. here i am trying to leave a comment anyway.



  2. I hate snow... And I know it will come soon... soon... ÓxÒ I feel your pain!

    Awesome painting though, love the highlights of the hair!

    // -T.W-

  3. I was wondering and hoping you were okay. Hope you don't lose electric power. I lived through many many years of shoveling snow, didn't enjoy it. Be careful.

    Nice painting, I like her hair.

  4. What an enjoyable way to spend your day....watching art being made and making some yourself!

    Sounds like perfection to me!
    Snow....another story :(