Friday, November 25, 2011

Brewed Awakening

This week's theme at the Butterfly Effect is Coffee or Tea.

I used to hate coffee.  In fact, I didn't drink coffee for 37 years.
All of my caffeine came in a can.
and I had no qualms about cracking open an icy cold diet coke at 7:00 in the morning.

But in 2004 I bought a house 50 miles away from my job and started getting up at 4:30 in the morning and that seemed just a wee bit too early for diet coke, even for me.
I decided to learn to like coffee.

Now I like coffee so much that I sometimes go to bed early just so it will be closer to coffee time.

So in honor of this week's theme, I carved a little coffee mug stamp.  And I painted some water color paper with coffee.  And I enlarged a picture I took of coffee beans.  And I slapped it all together into this.
I feel like I should turn it into a trivet.  If only I used trivets.
I'm also posting this ridiculous little post card I sent to a friend after buying my new coffee machine last year and seeing it's called the "CoffeeTEAM GS" and spending way too much time, in a pre-caffeinated stupor, wondering what "team" has to do with coffee.
"When are the try-outs?"
"Are there Cheerleaders?"
"Can I be the coach?"
"Do they ever play TeaTEAM GS?"
And then, for good measure, I'll repost the index card I made in June.  Because you can never have too much coffee.


  1. At Last, someone with a sensible theme! I NEEd my coffee, my coffee machine and my art, and apart from that I don't need much to see me through life. Good work! Valerie

  2. A love fest with coffee. Sounds good to me as I sit h.ere drinking my Peet's french roast. All your cuppa's are great. Did the caffiene brong you out of your pie coma? xox Corrine

  3. I can tell, you really love coffee. :) Wow! You did a great job with the handmade stamp. Love it!

  4. :)))

    i want to be on the team.
    i don't drink coffee - gives me hives. totally.

    but i hate being left out, so can i at least be the watergirl for the team?

    or, i could wear the mascot suit.


  5. I can be on the team but on the bench, because I dont drink coffee, cant stand the taste of it, drink of choice diet coke any time of day or night but at night I switch to decaffinated, a girl gotta sleep

  6. If you had bigger coffee cups you would have really great coasters.

  7. Learn to like it? It seeps into your subconscious and demands that you love it...haha!
    I totally know what you're saying...LOVE the stuff!
    I think that top one wuold, indeed, make an excellent trivet....heehee!

  8. Haha! Fabulous post :D I can't even begin to wonder how cola at 7 in the morning affects your insides!!! Glad you changed to coffee!!
    The postcards are wonderful...I often get confused by advertising logic....would they play in the Caffeine league cup?
    :D XXX

  9. I love this coffee theme result. The matting using a photo is genius and I'm so impressed with folks who carve their own stamps. So cool!

    I didn't know about Butterfly Effect so look forward to participating next week - broken pieces sounds intriguing.