Thursday, November 10, 2011

more wax and bad cats

Another waxy collage.  This one started out as a piece of card-stock I used to test some new spray ink and a new stencil.  I like the colors and started rolling on acrylic paint with a brayer, gluing on scraps and little bits of stuff, and topping it all off with beeswax.  Fun, fun, fun.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to make cat art for the butterfly effect this week.  I was so excited by the theme, being rather fond of felines, but let me tell you, this ended up being miserable.  All attempts at cat art were simultaneously really ugly and really "cute".  I don't do cute.  Here's the best thing I came up with.  I almost didn't post it because it's not really what I'm interested in doing.  Somebody recently said she doesn't make art she wouldn't hang on her wall.  This falls into that category for me.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but I cut the cat pieces out of a big sheet of painted paper and assembled him on top of a collage of my other painted papers, and made his whiskers out of embroidery thread and wire, and his claws out of wire.  Part of why I hate this is the colors - the pastelly purply thing isn't me either.  (so why did I paint those papers in those colors in the first place and leave them in my stash to tempt me into making art I hate?)

So I leave you with this journal page I made a few years ago, which actually DOES hang on my studio wall, in spite of the fact that the caption is so poorly stamped you can barely read it.

It's a picture of Jake and it says "Never counts to ten when we play hide and seek"
I thought about re-stamping the caption for this posting, but I would much rather melt some more wax.


  1. :)

    i make lots of shit that i won't hang up.

    and i always enjoy making it.

    i like jake.



  2. I love the cats! I have a black cat, you may know.

  3. If I had to hang everything I make on my walls I'd be looking at some crappy stuff! I like your cat art....I have two cats and they keep me on my toes.

  4. Both cats are good, but I like the beesway piece best! Valerie

  5. Those are just adorable! I don't think I have seen a kitty I haven't liked. :)

  6. That beeswax piece is one of my favorite things you've ever done!!!