Saturday, November 26, 2011

Radio On

Here's some things you should know about me:
If I know the words to a song, I am obligated to sing it.
I know the words to everything.

I love to sing. I love to drive. I sing anywhere and everywhere, but my favorite place to sing is the car.
I grew up in the cassette era.  I had a few dozen LPs, but mostly I had homemade cassettes of other people's LPs.    They would pile up on the front seat of my 1983 Plymouth Reliant - alternately baking in the hot sun or freezing in the cold New England winters.  This really took its toll on the sound quality of the tapes. It didn't bother me - who could hear the music over my singing?  Ric says "Karen was lo-fi before it was cool to be lo-fi"

I married Ric because
1. he has more records than anyone I've ever met
2. he never minds my singing
3.  no one, in the history of humankind, makes better comp tapes

There are far worse reasons to get married.
We've been hanging out for 24 years now.

This month, Michelle Ward challenged the Street Team to document our favorite sing-out-loud songs.  It was tempting to fill my list with oldies-but-goodies of the last 3 decades, but I wanted to capture some of my favorite songs RIGHT NOW.  They may not be my favorite songs next year, or even next month, but they are what make me turn up the volume and howl along this week.

Of course I couldn't resist adding a few perennial favorites, so turn it up loud and sing with me now:
"I'm in love with Massachusetts.  With the radio on"


  1. I love singing in the car too -- and it kills me to see everyone talking on cell phones in their cars instead of singing. Turn up the music people!

  2. My daughter loves to sing in the car...when I try to join in, she tells me she'd like to sing alone...

    ...after a while I just sing anyways...and when she complains, I just smile and sing louder...heehee!

  3. Karen, LOVE this post! I am with you, had tons of tapes in the car and always had heaps of mixed ones. Nothing beat a great collection of tunes in the car. It was a great day when I scored a double tape deck so I could duplicate my hard work for friends. (And to have a back-up in case one got ruined). I love this spread 0 fun to have a shot of you in full singing mode in the car. What a great piece of evidence!

    I love Pamela's comment - want to see more singing and less cell phone use from drivers too!

    I once had a tape deck in a car that ran proportional to my driving speed. Had to go at least 50 mph to hear a track at full speed. It was a drag to get to a stop light because the song slowed down :)

    Thanks for sharing with the team. This rocks!!!

  4. p.s. there is a great book called "Love is a Mixed Tape". I think you'll enjoy it!

  5. I love the journal pages but I have to say, I've never even heard of any of those artists or songs - what the heck do you listen to??!! :)

  6. I've always been a compilation tape-maker. Just shift to iTunes and CDs now. Love to give them as gifts for special people.

    I love singing in the car - we should team up - we could deafen the motorway!

  7. How fun! I love to sing in the car too and in fact I love to sing anywhere at all. It is pure joy!

  8. You always make me laugh, the pic of you belting out the tunes is precious. xox Corrine

  9. Haha, fun journal page and fun ideas. Love that you used a tape cover to write on!

  10. Love these pages - especially the list on the cover sheet! I remember all those tapes piled up in my car, too. Keep on singing!

  11. I LOVE this page in so many ways - that GREAT photo of you belting out one of your favourite songs at the wheel, the stamped cassette tape along the bottom, the way you wrote your song listing on an actual cassette insert. Genius :)

    And I think you chose your man according to pretty safe criteria :)

  12. You are right - there are FAR worse reasons to love someone and 24 years is not bad going at all. May you rock on together for decades to come.

  13. You made me smile, Karen... loved your artwork but also your post. Isn't it funny how our soul craves a song that we play and sing over and over again and then after our "fix" it gets replaced with another song until the next craving!

  14. So fun! I love the photo and the cassette tapes.

  15. I SO love this spread...all of it!