Friday, November 11, 2011

Free love

The awesome free live art classes continue over at Amy's blog.  Today's class was taught by the lovely and talented Manon, who did a wonderful job teaching us to draw little faces like hers.  I almost didn't go to class.  (Did you read my post earlier today about spinning plates and doing too much and feeling overwhelmed?  Skipping the class could have been a really smart move in the way of preserving my sanity.  I made the equally smart move of telling the family I was not available, shutting the studio door and learning something new in the company of fabulous funny people all over the world)

So the first face I drew was using Copic markers.  Until today, I only had 2 of these markers.  Orange and Blue.  I didn't really see why people love them so much.  I didn't plan to buy more.  But I've seen what Jane Davenport did with them in the Supplies Me class.  And when I saw the "25% off your total purchase" coupon good for today only at the local mega craft store, I invested in a few more in the flesh tone palette.  (and Now I get it.)

Anyway - I sketched along with Manon as she taught and as soon as I drew the outline of the head I thought it looked like a piece of toast.  I figured that as I went along it would look more human-like and less toast-like.  I was wrong.  When it was time to add the hair I just decided to embrace the burnt-bread nature of my drawing, so here it is:

The next face was done with pastels.  The cheap chalky ones I bought a million years ago and hardly ever touch.  It was super messy and dusty.  (Perhaps because I was drawing on card-stock which is so super smooth and glossy it doesn't absorb much color?)  In spite of this, I managed to blend and shade way better than I ever have before.  If you think the paper looks smudgy,  you should see my face and pants.

(I crack myself up)

I'm SOOOOO glad I took this class.
And don't feel bad if you missed it.  Amy recorded it and I'm sure she will put the link on the sidebar of her blog.  And please, please, please stop by Manon's blog and see her amazing little faces.


  1. i love toast head.

    you inspired me.

    i named mine marmite.

    you are fun.

    i know you are overwhelmed, but i greedily can't help but always want you along.


  2. So funny, my 2 girls not only cut their own hair, they cut their dolls hair. I love those old messy pastels. In fact I have a screen that I make them into more dust with . . . they are messy, and yes, all over me, but the picture turns out beautifully and no one can guess what we look like. Thank you for visiting. Love you attribute my owls to a beloved book. Thank you. Blessings, Janet PPF

  3. How great are your drawings, really great, I stopped by but couldnt stay had an appointment. I love amys site, have you been doing the altered book class, I love it, learned alot.

  4. Hahaha, LOVE the toast-head. The cut-hair one has such a sweet innocence about it.
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  5. A toast to toast head's to trying new things whilst running away from the all she stands for :)

    And girlie number two has a look on her face that just says....and I'd do it again!

    Loved having you in class, too!

  6. I love your sense of humor and your willingness to just go with it, thes are great! xox Corrine

  7. Love your girlies and your wonderful whit!!!

  8. hi. you won the cat giveaway and i have totally lost your freaking email address.

    here's mine

    can you give me your mailing address and i'll mail that cat out to you within the next decade or so?

  9. Thaaaaaank you for being such great sport! It was great fun you all being there and hope I will sit next to you in class next time and not teach I will sneak in the wine just bring a glass, oh and I want toast with cheese and marmite pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase. Your girls cracked me up, loving them

  10. Your toast head cracks me up! I love your sense of humor. The little girl in the second picture looks so determined. I'm sure when your back is turned she'll grab those scissors and cut her hair again!

  11. These little faces are adorable-- and I love the commentary about alice cutting her own hair!

    (I wouldn't have seen the toast shape of the other one unless you mentioned it and now I can't see anything else! Ha ha! Love the way you ran with it!!)

  12. This is the best!!! I want to join Amy's class but last time I worked it out it was like 3am in the morning LOL OK love the whole thing but 'Pass the Butter' is inspired :)