Sunday, November 20, 2011

Face it

Voice of Phyllis:
1.  You suck at drawing faces.
2.  All of your faces look exactly like (insert name of teacher here)'s faces.
3.  You have no style of your own.
4. Don't show anyone your feeble attempts unless you enjoy looking like an idiot.
5.  I don't even know why you bother.  You should just give up.

Voice of Reason:
1. You just started learning about faces five seconds ago.  Cut yourself some slack.
2.  It's okay to draw in the style of (insert teacher's name here) while she is teaching you her techniques.
3. Learn as much as  you can from as many different instructors and trust that your personal style will evolve.
4.  By posting your efforts you might reassure or encourage other beginners.
5.  The only way to get good at faces is to draw more faces.  Stop whining and get back to work.


  1. Ah! The "art" teacher!!! lol My middle school daughter just had a clay project. The kids made 2D houses and were allowed to pick five colors of glaze to accent their houses. All the kids neatly painted on their glazes, shingle by shingle, door and windows. She, however, chose to do hers "Jackson Pollack style" and proceeded to spatter her glaze. What did the teacher tell her?? No, she didn't commend her for going out of the box with her approach. She told her that she was going to fail the assignment for not following instructions! lol

    You should be listening to nobody's voice but your own. Carry on....

  2. Tell Phyllis to shut up! Your faces are cute. No one knows how to do anything perfectly the first time. We all have to practice, practice, practice. I used to draw figures with no faces because I was afraid to do a face. Now I love to do faces. Learn from the teachers and your own style will develop.

  3. did i mention that i love you?

    i have face angst too.

    this is your big pie day, correct? i'll tape the cat class for you.

  4. Fab faces, put the critic to bed. Look for mail, thanks for mine! Like these big post cards. xox Corrine

  5. listen to that voice of reason, faces are hard, yours are great and I see your style evolving.

  6. That Phyllis needs to shut her pie hole....
    Though i think there is a little Phyllis in all of us....she can sure be stifling to our artistic endeavors....

    So what kind of pie was had?

  7. Voice of fellow blogger: Your faces are fantastic and can never really be the same as anyone elses because the universe flows differently through your fingers. Never give up, never give up, never give up!

  8. Dear Phyllis please listen to the " voice of reason" its hard but be strong ...
    signed "voice of Bev" oh and i follow u on google reader so u must worthy lol

    lol hugz bev