Monday, November 21, 2011

What makes you happy?

1. Moldable foam stamps tutorial
 Go watch this tutorial from Traci Bunkers right now.  It's really cool.  Here's some I made.  I keep making more.
2.  I won Amy's blue cat and it's hanging on my wall!

 3.  Thanks to a huge inter-library loan system, I'm finally reading all these really great art books that have been on my wish list forever. More are on the way.
4.  Got mail from Corrine and TJ.

5. Found fantastic kids' reference books from the early 60's at my local thrift store. Five volumes for four bucks. Full of pictures like this 
and this
Plus I found these never-used pencil and oil pastel sets for a pittance.

6. I carved this stamp.
I have a favorite stencil that looks like this:
 But sometimes I don't want to cover the background with paint or ink
Sometimes I wish I could just stamp those circles on a page.
So I rubbed a stamp pad all over the stencil and pressed a carving block on top to capture the image and then started carving.  Here's my finished stamp:
 Here's an image from it. I've been using it on everything.

7. Card Catalog love.
As a life-long library lover and former library employee, I nearly died when I saw this nifty little online app. I think every list I make for the rest of my life will be made this way.
Okay, you thought you were going to get through a post without me mentioning pie.  You were wrong.  Pie is still making me really happy.



  1. i see pecan.


    i want pecan pie.



  2. I to an a library fan, I reserve books on line, I add digital books on line to my mp3 player.
    I love that you made that stamp what a great idea

  3. lots of things to love in this post!
    That card file app is too cool!
    Amy's cat...rockin'!
    Making your own stamps...awesome!

    ...and pie....yes!!

  4. Tracy Bunkers does some really cool things with stamps and making stamps. I love your carved stsmp. I have some safetycut waiting for me, but I haven't tried it yet, Lyle keeps bugging me just to start.. Now after seeing yours I think I will, it is so cool. And of course pie. Don't want to find you in a gutter somewhere with pie crust remnants all over you because you became delerious after eating too much, ha ha....Happy Thanksgiving. xox

  5. I love knowing I'm not alone in some of my fetishes! I worked in my town's public library throughout high school and I so miss card catalogs. I also loved stamping the due date into books - perhaps the source of my love of stamps? I also love to carve my own stamps and have made some fun ones from drawings by my girl. I'll have to check out Traci's tutorial - she is amazing. Looks like you have everything you need for a wonderful long weekend! xo

  6. Great post -- love all the inspirations. And the pie. I got all the very same books from my library. (no mail from you yet)

  7. i got unexpected mail today. from you :))))

    i heard my daughter hooting as she brought it in from the box.

    then she comes into the kitchen to give it to me...
    as i am LIterally running my finger around them inside of the marmite jar.



  8. Wow - lots of cool creativity goin' on here! Will definitely have to give the stamps a try and looks like you scored some really great finds! Thanks for sharing!