Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wicked good mail day

I've had a congestion headache for 3 straight days.  Yesterday it got so bad I left work early to go home and take a nap before heading out for an evening meeting.  And then, after barely sleeping last night, I decided to take a personal day today.   And, as if they knew I desperately needed a pick-me-up, THREE of my art-loving blogging friends sent me mail.  Good mail.  WICKED good mail (as we say here in Massachusetts).

First out of the mailbox came this supercool wooden postcard from Mad Madge.  (click through to see what the post card looked like before she altered it).  I was honored when she asked me to participate in a collaborative mail swap (since the post card is about aging and we are both turning 44 in the very near future).  Of course, now that I have her gorgeous card in my hand there is no way I can alter it - I will think of some other treat to send her.

(beer cap placed there for scale - it's rather wee.  not much bigger than an index card.  And it's made of wood. And was mailed just like that.  See the cancelled stamps?  How cool is that?)

NEXT up in the mailbox was THIS gorgeous envelope from Barbara:
Look at that rainbow stitching.  OMG.
Barbara and I formed a mutual admiration society when we were both doing the index-card-a-day project over the summer.  She's still doing them, and said this one was made with me in mind.  I'm delighted to own it!

 She also sent this great ATC

My third treat of the day came from Cameron - a fabulous "Paint Party Friday" regular.
She painted this kitty in one of Amy's free live classes and sent it to me because she knows I'm partial to black cats.  (and okay, I did pretty much beg for mail in my last post)
Here's the kitty - painted on fabric and stitched all over.  It's so fabulous I can hardly stand it.  Look at those fishies!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all three of you!
You brought so much sunshine to my rainy, achey day.

And so, after shamelessly begging for mail, I felt I'd better get busy on fulfilling some mail art promises.  Here's the stack of things that went out this afternoon.  

Who knows? Maybe one of them is on it's way to YOU!


  1. Hey!
    i had a great mail day too!
    i got mail from Cameron!

    it was really quite exciting and a nice change from the student loan folks.
    guess what?

    i finally posted your kitty painting!


    okay. manslave did it for me :)))))


  2. Great stack of outgoing! Great mails from friends.....hope the headache is gone for good. xox Corrine

  3. fun mail, love it! I recognize that mail going out :)

    I've had a headache for the past who knows. I told my dad yesterday and he asked if I'd gone to the doctor because it could be a tumor... thanks Dad.

  4. Chiming in here with the same headache! But WOW! What yummy mail goodness! As a fellow plate-spinner, I have to tell you that YOU must be a many armed Shiva (I guess Saraswati would be more appropriate) spinning all this colorful wonderousness! I love your journal, love the faces (toast head? how brilliant is that?!)

    And now I have your address and am recommitting to my "mail something Real once a week" campaign.

    xo Lis
    (i'm in love with the kitty ... I am thinking of a play on my dog boy with flying bones ... oh yeah, "Moosie's Dream" I can see it now!

  5. I'm so glad I could help make a yucky day stuff in the mail sure does do the trick ;P

    Looks like a great mail day might be in my future....perhaps? maybe? hmmmm? :D
    Can't wait!

    Have a great weekend....hope you're feeling better!

  6. Some very cool mail art going on there! And all those lovely pieces going out?! You've been busy! Hope the headache is gone so you can enjoy being arty again.....

  7. I am glad the wooden card arrived. Love the painted wonder that you sent me. Thanks!