Wednesday, November 23, 2011

four squared

Forty Four things I'd like to do while I'm Forty Four
1. Go see Anno
2. Ride my bike
3. Take a dance class
4. Get my brown boots re-heeled
5. Sing in the car
6. Get more paint on my clothes
7. Go away with my sweetie
8. Tell Phyllis to Phuck off
9. Submit more art
10. Laugh every day
11. Fix the doorbell
12. Forgive myself
13. Outsmart the squirrels
14. Make lists
15. Take an art class in the same room as other human beings
16. Take naps with the kitties
17. Use my art journals
18. Paint the living room
19. See all the Harry Potter movies
20. Drink wine
22. Be thankful
23. Cure cancer
24. Send birthday cards to my friends
25. Mail more art
26. Hug
27. Practice image transfers
28. Hear live music
29. Floss
30. Think less
31. Read novels
32. Get a screen door
33. Slow down
34. Throw pots on the wheel again
35. Do cartwheels on the beach
36. Make music
37. Plant more poppies
38. Walk in the sun
39. Embrace etceterism
40. Prioritize
41. Stop being afraid
42. Ride my Rip-stick
43. Go to an art retreat
44. Eat Pie


  1. :)))

    i like Every single thing on that list.

    you said 'phuck'


    so. wait

    is it your birthday?

  2. I hope you do all those things, if you can cure cancer you will be one rich gal

  3. Hope you achieve all your aims! Valerie

  4. Amazing list Karen. I hope you achieve every single item on your list.

  5. I'm 44 too - it's not a bad age to be - have fun ticking stuff off your list :)