Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy campers

My summer camp program started this week. (I'm the director of a school-age child care program).
I've forgotten both how much I LOVE camp, and how much camp exhausts me. Most of my time during the school year is spent at a quiet desk doing administrative tasks and talking on the phone. Maybe an hour a day with the kids - 2 at the most. I manage 3 different sites during the school year, but in the summer we all consolidate to a single site, and I move my "office" to a small room adjoining the camp room. It's non-stop activity, noise, and stimulation. I'm much more hands on with the kids. The atmosphere is both HIGH ENERGY and totally laid back. We laugh a lot and do great art projects and craft activities. But there is NO DOWN TIME. Especially week one.

So Monday's index card was in part a response to Daisy Yellow's challenge to write the alphabet in block letters today. Plus I really really love black gesso. And the souffle pens on the black look like the chalk drawings that are now covering the basketball court outside of camp! Hooray for summer.

The busyness of Monday and Tuesday and the total exhaustion that came with it made for my first totally art-free day of the month on Tuesday. (though I did go into Boston to see live music so I don't feel too bad about not making time for art). I woke up Wednesday and pulled out one of my "bonus" cards that I'd made but not posted. Here's my Wednesday card. Feels like cheating.

and Wednesday night I had time and energy for art, but got focused on a few swap-bot projects and forgot to make a card, so I'm cashing in another bonus card from my stash.

I've sent and received a bunch of great mail art and swaps lately that I hope to get around to posting over the weekend.

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