Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ICAD Saturday-Monday

Okay, so I totally skipped Saturday. It's the first day I missed. I got up Sunday morning and realized it, so I made this in honor of Saturday:

When my hands were covered in paint from aforementioned book cover, I scanned them. Late Sunday night I realized I hadn't actually made my "Sunday card" yet (even though I'd made a card that day, I was considering that my "Saturday card")

I printed out my hand picture for this:

Monday was just a really lousy day. Stressed and emotional and a variety of work related hassles. I noodled about in my studio for a long time when I got home and didn't love anything I made, but I found all the chaos of the day vanished while I was working. I took Tammy's Monday challenge and made a spare card for use next time I don't have time to do a card. Here's my "official" Monday card.

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