Monday, June 13, 2011

ICAD Saturday, Sunday, Monday

It was a cold wet dreary weekend here in Massachusetts. I spent most of Saturday immersed in art related projects, but completely forgot about my index card until I got home quite late from an evening at my mom's. What started as a quiet catch-up time turned into a party when some good friends dropped by unexpectedly. I almost went to bed without doing my index-card-day, but I really didn't want to skip a day just yet. I decided I was due for a "quick and sloppy". I've been getting more and more elaborate with the cards and I don't want to get into a trap where I have to keep "topping" my last card.

Sunday was another great morning of hanging around in the jammies drinking coffee, reading blogs, making art. The (perhaps only) good thing about cold rainy June days is not feeling guilty for staying inside. Too wet to mow the lawn. Oh well! I know what to do instead:

Meanwhile, I've been getting increasingly stressed about an unresolved work issue. I submitted a proposal over 5 weeks ago which will determine the future of my organization. The committee is dragging their feet over decision making and the stress is taking it's toll. I was hoping for an answer today, but it didn't come.

The Monday ICAD challenge was to photograph your card in a wacky environment. I delicately balanced it on the back-yard swing set. The precarious position reflects my daily mood about this issue.


  1. Fun cards. I did send a post card that must have gone to the wrong address, I will try again. Thanks for yours. xox Corrine

  2. Love these cards! And good wine with good friends is always a good reason to take a break from art. :)

  3. I like all of these index cards. I agree with you about not getting into the "I have to top that" trap. I've been trying not to do that either.