Thursday, June 16, 2011

When in doubt, collage

Last night, while the rest of the state of Massachusetts was watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, I could neither sustain enough interest in hockey to watch the game, nor relax enough to go to sleep without knowing the outcome. I hadn't made my index card of the day yet, and I wasn't feeling inspired. I smeared some paint around, but it wasn't satisfying. I thought I might be too tired to create, but in a last attempt, I pulled out the scrap basket and mod podge and started slapping things down.

Just like that, I was completely awake, engaged and absorbed.

The more I work on the index cards, the more I really like the size. Often my journal pages just feel too big. I don't know how to fill them and make them balanced and cohesive. When I paint or collage a larger piece I only fall in love with it after I cut it up into smaller bits. Tonight was the first time I started on the smaller scale and I really enjoyed it. (I've tried to create "inchies" but that's just TOO small. I can cut a larger piece into 1 inch squares but I haven't enjoyed starting with a blank one inch square.)

So my index card love grows. I'm so glad I joined this challenge - thanks to all my fellow ICAD participants for your kind comments here and on flickr.


  1. Love the turquoise blues, always my favorite and all those layers, great. Bruins, yah, yawn, me too! xox Corrine

  2. Love this mini-collage! So many shades and textures to look at, great job.

  3. Beautiful blues - I love the depth you have created, as deep as the sea. Look forward to seeing more of your ICADs

  4. blue is my favourite colour, and this card is beautiful

  5. Hi Karen...nice to meet you...this is a great collage!! Happy Index Card making!