Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ICAD June 6th

Every time I go grocery shopping, the register prints out a stack of coupons and they end up wadded up in the bottom of my purse or in the trunk of my car until I throw them away. I've never been a coupon person. I feel like I should be a coupon person. I read about coupon people who spend "only $7.15 on my groceries this week" or some other mind-blowing statement. But honestly, I just can't be bothered. My mind doesn't work that way. Too much organizing and remembering and planning. It makes me stressed. My time and peace of mind are worth more that $.50 off any 3 yogurts.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to put the stack of coupons to immediate good use and not leave them floating around the car. A much better use of my time and energy!

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  1. roflol!!!!! I so love this comment "my time and peace of mind are worth more than $.50 off any 3 yogurts" I am the same way I feel like I should but just can't! Thanks for following and for your art and your wit!!!!