Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lurk No More


This was the week I started to come out of hiding.  I've been a blog reader for years and have never left a comment for anyone.  And I joined 21 secrets a few months ago, and worked diligently on class assignments, but didn't post the results or join the conversation.  I even started this blog, not sure I'd make it public.  But when I finished my first GPP Street Crusade, I posted the link to my blog.  And then I joined IUOMA and posted my blog in my profile.  I added the link to my swap-bot profile.  And then suddenly I had a few lovely comments here, and THREE followers.  (Hello!  Thank you!  You've made me so very happy!)

So, I will lurk no more.  I'm leaving comments all over town.  I'm posting my work on 21 secrets.  I finding other challenges from other lovely bloggers and will post there too!  This is a crazy huge evolution in such a short amount of time.  Each successful post gives me more confidence.  One of these days I might even tell my friends and family I'm here. (but that's another story)

So give me a shout out, and I'll shout back


  1. I love getting comments on my blog. Makes blogging seem more interactive/relationship-building instead of like an online journal. :)

  2. I joined IUOMA about 6 months ago and quickly got involved in MailArt365 group over there. I've been having a blast making mailart every day and mailing it to 365 different people.

  3. hello PostMuse! Thanks for stopping by. I'll send you mail art!