Thursday, June 23, 2011

no-thinking collages

It's my mission for the summer to improve my collage skills. I enjoy collage, but don't usually like my results. I always want to be clever and make it mean something and have my images connect in some way, but then that becomes too much pressure and I get all cerebral and overthink everything. I need to practice, practice, practice and not get all hung up on whether I like it or not. I can sit and stare and push scraps around all night long and get all balled up with self-consciousness and not do a damn thing with it, or I can just slap stuff down and leave it there and do it all again tomorrow. I'm going to focus my index cards on this for a while.

my rules for the past 2 days:
make it in less than 15 minutes
use only things within arms reach
don't think, just do

I used up a variety of scraps, experiments and aborted projects. Plus I threw in some staples because it was one of Tammy's prompts this week.




  1. there's something noble about using scraps...since it didn't end up in the these, especially the one with leaves! well done!

  2. Why not put the critic in the collage! Sometimes you just have to include that wormy little voice in your head. See what happens there! I try and just paint or collage right through mine. xox Corrine

  3. I am with you in what you say about the internal critic. Getting started is the hardest part. Trying to decide what to do can be so debilitating but I find this challenge is starting ever so slowly to deal with that. Mind I've only used felt pens so far. I've not been brave enough to collage so far. Your cards are just amazing!

  4. you did a great job on these index cards, I to overthink everything, I think that the collage has to tell me a story and then I cant make it. And that total BS its your own collage, and it does not have to say anything.