Sunday, June 5, 2011


Tammy at Daisy Yellow is running the "index-card-a-day" challenge and I've decided to play along. There are really no rules, just create something on an index card every single day for the summer. She provides optional weekly prompts, but really, anything goes. I'll post them here but also add them to the Flickr pool. (and getting me motivated to open a flickr account is enough reason to be thankful for daisy yellow for running this!).

The intent is to be quick and casual - not super fancy or competitive. I can see already that some days will get more effort than others. I think it will be fun to bind them and look back at them as a journal of what was going on this summer. I expect it will reflect both what's on my mind, and what new techniques I'm learning.

Here are my first five days of ICAD:

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