Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shiny Objects

We're a distractible bunch here.
Why, you ask?
Because we're FULL OF GOOD IDEAS!!!!!!!!!

(just after his second birthday, Max proclaimed "I'm full of good ideas" and this so sums up that boy and this whole family that I printed it on t-shirts for all three of us)

Lately the good ideas are coming so furiously that I leave a wake of art supplies and half-finished projects everywhere I go. I am working on so many things simultaneously, sneaking in bits of art work throughout the day. Bed time gets later and later, and I slap down layers of paint in the morning in between making lunches and taking a shower. I was half-way to work yesterday before I realized I had gesso smeared across my forehead. Sometimes the multiple project approach is a good one - I can let paint dry on one and move right over to another. Other times it's because as soon as a new idea pops into my head I act on it, regardless of what I was in the middle of doing. (oops! burned the waffles!)

Today I decided to work from home. I'm the director of an after-school program and we also run a summer camp. I have a file full of summer camp ideas that needed test-driving before I used them with the kids, and I decided today was the day. I sent Max off to school at 8:30 and dove right in. I started with a list and a bag of supplies, but as I worked I kept coming up with new ideas to try. By 2:00PM I had completely taken over almost every surface in the house (in spite of the fact I was expecting my father-in-law for dinner around 6:00!)

There were several works-in-progress on the dining room table:

More projects were drying in the sun on the patio table:

The studio had a project going on every surface:

And I must have been distracted by a shiny object because I abandoned this bowl in the middle of the kitchen floor and came across it hours later:

It was such a great day. Some of the projects were total busts (making me very very glad I tried them first, rather than having an epic fail with all the campers). Others will be perfect for camp.

I made this very awesome t-shirt which I might never take off because I love it so much. (don't ask about the cheesy fake grin). I'm not sure if I'll make these with camp or not (cost of t-shirts, risks of working with bleach) but I'm leaning toward yes because they are just so cool.

I managed to get everything cleaned up before our guest arrived and even managed to cook a yummy dinner. Soon I will slip into a craft-induced coma.

But before I do, I will post my index-card-of-the-day that I made with the new aluminum repair tape I picked up at the hardware store. This picture does not do justice to the silvery metallic wonder of the tape. There are so many interesting possibilities of what I can do with this particular shiny object, but today I only had time to slap it on an index card. Tomorrow on the other hand....


  1. You are correct, that t-shirt is fantastic. Time to make a bunch and put them on etsy! xox Corrine

  2. You are my new hero if you can do all of that and go to work too. How about a tutorial on the t-shirt? I want to make one.

  3. Oohh I've got some of that tape. Might end up using that for one of my ICAD too. ;)